Following on from the GuiTarget, I wanted to explore other ways in which instruments could be reacted without being played in the traditional hands on way.

I felt the best way to use light in an instrument was to use an Arduino and a Light Dependent Resistor (LDR).

Having used Arduinos before, I invested in oneĀ and after reacquainting myself with the


Arduino setup

syntax, I designed an instrument where light was the trigger to play sounds. I wanted the Arduino to be able to play tones without being connected to a computer and since I had the speaker from an old radio at hand, I looked up how to use the ‘tone’ command to create sounds. I connected to speaker to Pin 3, and the LDR to analogue pin A0. I also wanted to include some visual feedback to show that the LDR had sensed the required amount of light to play the tone, which I achieved using an LED. The code is shown below:



This code uses square waves to play the opening 2 bars from The Rembrandts ‘I’ll be There for You.’ When the LDR reads a value of 100 or above, it will illuminate the LED and play the tone. A video of this is shown below:

Arduino with LDR

From here, I would like to take this idea further, using the Arduino and several LEDs to be played as a viable instrument, using multiplexers and possibly Bluetooth modules to allow more than one person to control certain variables within the instrument from their phones.


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